When it comes to building a home, it isn’t just about creating a physical location or the place where you’ll live. The whole experience represents a journey that draws from your personality, helps define your tastes and lifestyle, and ultimately creates a sense of accomplishment that will be seen for years to come.

Peace of Mind

As a premier Kelowna builder, we believe in alleviating stresses associated with building a new home before they begin. We not only provide you the necessary support and guidance, but also give you detailed week-to-week updates so you know where the project is up to at all times.

A Valued Partnership

Meadow Ridge Homes takes a deep and personal pride in all aspects of the home construction process. Throughout every project, every outstanding home, we value the partnership that’s created when you entrust us to guide you through the home design and building journey.

Highest Quality

 Through comfortable and open communication with our highly experienced team of concept designers and tradespeople combined with the highest quality in both building materials and talent, we seek to breathe life into the distinct vision of your new home.

Awards, Associations, & Certifications

EnerGuide works in concert with Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations and the ENERGY STAR® Initiative in Canada to promote energy efficiency in the Canadian marketplace.

The Tommie Awards celebrate the achievements of the building industry’s finest each year, showcasing vision, talent and commitment, setting the standard of excellence for the industry.

The President of Meadow Ridge is a Mechanical Engineering Technologist registered with ASTTBC who strictly adheres to the Code of Ethics and practice guidelines that are required for all members of ASTTBC. Membership with this organization is a demonstration of some of the core values that Meadow Ridge Homes is built upon.