Justin Miller

Justin Miller

In early 2000, Miles Krahn moved his family business, Meadow Ridge Homes, from Calgary to Kelowna and set up shop in the upper area of the Mission. Miles had a distinct vision for the company, one that was quickly realized when, in 2005, Meadow Ridge became a preferred builder for the new Wilden Development. A status that progressed for seven years as the community continued to grow, and was further advanced when Meadow Ridge became part of The Ponds preferred builder program in 2014.

Miles had a strong passion for living life to the fullest, values he carried over to the business. He believed in working hard, and showing people the success of Meadow Ridge rather than just talking about it. Since its move to Kelowna, the company won numerous awards, and quickly established a reputation as a recognized, professional custom home builder. That reputation has only grown stronger and there’s value in the industry when it comes to the name of Meadow Ridge.

2014-2015 brought a lot of changes, and with immense support from Miles’ brother, family, and the existing team, Mile’s son-in-law, Justin Miller, stepped in and took over the business.

Justin wanted to keep Meadow Ridge as a family business, and endeavoured to build on the reputation that Miles had established in Kelowna and the local industry. The pre-existing relationships with supply chains and suppliers were important and Justin realized new relationships would need to be built to continue the success of the business.

For Justin to take over Miles’ role was a mammoth task, though one he was well-prepared to tackle. As a Mechanical Engineer Technologist, Justin brought a new level of quality control and management to Meadow Ridge Homes, allowing for an easy transition into the construction industry.

Since that time, Justin has taken historical lessons from numerous past Meadow Ridge projects, using an already tried and tested process, taking his own approach, adding more attention to details, creating milestones, and improving scheduling. Justin’s ongoing vision is for Meadow Ridge Homes to continue as an award winning, professional, custom home building organization who is referred to as an industry leader; a name that’s intrinsic with those seeking higher quality and value.

The strength of Meadow Ridge Homes comes from the hard work, dedication, experience, and attention to detail that makes this family-owned custom home builder stand out from the rest.

The Meadow Ridge Mission

To follow and improve our process to manage your custom home design and build with particular focus on quality of functionality and quality of comfort. Our respect of cost control, schedule and all of the professionals working to help you realize your vision allow us to strive to ensure the only surprise you experience through our process is your incredible level of satisfaction when you move into your new home.

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Awards, Associations, & Certifications

EnerGuide works in concert with Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations and the ENERGY STAR® Initiative in Canada to promote energy efficiency in the Canadian marketplace.

The Tommie Awards celebrate the achievements of the building industry’s finest each year, showcasing vision, talent and commitment, setting the standard of excellence for the industry.

The President of Meadow Ridge is a Mechanical Engineering Technologist registered with ASTTBC who strictly adheres to the Code of Ethics and practice guidelines that are required for all members of ASTTBC. Membership with this organization is a demonstration of some of the core values that Meadow Ridge Homes is built upon.